We have been a Member Owned Company for over 120 years. We offer more than life insurance, our goal is to better the lives of our members and the communities they live in. 

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We are a Member Owned Company and will never share your information.

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BetterLife offers a competitive portfolio of products, designed to protect you and your loved ones and help you live a better life.

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BetterLife is authorized to conduct business in 17 states (Arizona, Colorado, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Texas, Washington, Wisconsin, and Wyoming) and is currently conducting business as BetterLife Insurance Company in Oregon. Products issued by BetterLife are available to applicants who meet membership, insurability, U.S. citizenship, and residency requirements. Not all products described are available in all states. Guarantees are backed by the financial strength and claims-paying ability of BetterLife.

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We do more than provide protection through life insurance and annuities to our members. As a member-owned, community-focused life insurance company, we work with our members to support our communities through fundraising, donations, volunteer work, and community activities.